Yet Quietly

As correlation recedes and folly takes helm to glory and tell the mundane aspects of quarreling to
They are storming through
Yet quietly
And silently
to numb the senses to stem, their woes are to them what my words were to me.
Nothing at all, they could say.

Then in rapacious contempt business fraught
Are set liberties then as follows:
One shall not stray, for it is dangerous
One shall not stay, for it is old
One shall not call upon revenge to visit on a neighbor, for it is uncourteous and uncivilized
Yet one must also not call forth with care, nor grace, for it's not your problem to loosen other's ties
Like a bicycle, to be in control is to move forward, faster and faster, as the roads still stream ahead and the earth is round.

Them cozy a full stop.
and darling a night of unchanging objects open the skies to moderation done restrained
And let solace take its gain, little time has it to whirl
For a measure of politeness the evil is hidden, hindering aurora to human feeling dormant still
That only traffic strife could persuade
That only red brake lights could adorn
That only diesel gases could do numb

And carlights go on
Children on mothers wombs await their numbers to be called
Pre-washed lettuce rottens every seventh day
And lightbulbs must still be tested before bought

Passersby and ongoers they talk loud
The top of their lousy lungs, rife with black smoke
And listen to their sounds, ungently sung
Cloistered in a fuselage, in a reclinable seat, in a jam

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