All Good Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes

Hey country man of other tides
I'll send you back to Koreatown
Where all good cowboys have Chinese eyes
I'll send you right down with my gun
The one I call one way ticket to paradise.

You crossed up my path in a funny day
But lo! What an eye you have for the fool
From your flock I'm aware you have strayed
Sun burst burning outer rims of crossed eye turning in on you
But you misspelled
Your decision, badly born
The effects typed bound to mourn
I'm sending you straight up to hell
With my gun as she exacts her dues

And how does it feel?
To be rolling, not strolling, moaning you deal ain't fair
As it all crumbles before your very narrow sights
Nowhere do they stare
An the last they see the light
for it's your turn to roll over and fall downhill

I'm sending you back to the setting sun
Where promises are paid to the bone
And harvest come in to rein on you
I'm sending you out of town, out of time, out of dimes and keep them spares for a change
You won't be buying tickets,
Seats, clothes, guns or booze
In the Devil's prairies all money is just the same.

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