Set out to undo

Cover crystal clear courteousness with crispy crusts of cracked up calls
I can't event tell if she's gone or where to
She's left no farewell note or goodbye words
She's just set out to undo
Certainties collected openings by one time fools
Sent no letter of excuses, disappeared out of sight and tore out gleaming mind of phony futures
I never believed in
Fallacious desires of continuity I never even had
Are the ones we shared
Are the guilt she's had to bear
For taking that away, novelty stories done and sent out to edit
and I was the bit cut out to the floor
So what's more? I never came in for the long run and
then I'm done and think that ain't good enough
To hell with my fairy tales told on to you
I love you
I'm lying
I love you
At least honestly trying to.

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