The strongest bitterness set aside

The strongest bitterness set aside
Throw your guile at will
Roving by the bosom wide
You're sat and got your fire through
Please don't say we never warned
Of cracks and crickets and holes they're on store
Your rocky winding way had found a silent sound to say
You shouldn't be here anyway

The peaks
The vaults
The lows
And downs
Your dreams
Do know
The calling for service is right now climbing his way up to you.

Do run, pretend
No sings of your anger betray that you're a man
Resign, resound, the bliss, the vow
Cushion borrow to the morning cause you're certain to miss out
You'll run away

No home ward town.
Starry skies beneath the clouds sand dusting windows you'll look out
For clear bright thoughts, of paradise lost, of thatchery remains of your guts are the ones to blame

Chrysalis, crown cold, cross torment's fools gold
Cross oceans, do dare, but your cowardly compulsion will follow you there

So lay your pride to the bones of your ancestors dead and gone
Give up you weary feeling of projecting iron and stone.
Loitering persuasions to breed your soul afoul,
done notions of corny potions to guide you out in style
Get any help you can
Your time has come my son to be a man.

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