Loving Maria

old corpse it is warm
old corpse without head
old corpse it is waiting
to get home to his final bed

but his head he don't know
he's got no idea
it went out, as the story's told
dreaming dreams of warmer tights
with the sounds of kisses good night
from his old scorned love Maria

But Maria herself she can't really tell
his body from his head
it's an ilusion, confusion, obsession
mixed up in her mind of thorny wild guess

For one last time he is gone
And so there she waits
to concoct other plans
her payback is done
she's got her revenge
old maria loved one has killed with a gun
not her pains but did sever their head

And long will it watch
longer will it see
the eyes that once gleamed
at the sight of his smile
rejoicing her acts as she stands
on a pool of blood up to her knees.

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