Hurroo Hurroo, cold’s freezing my bones
Winds they’re chilling my spine
Hurroo Hurroo been feeling this way
Since I left the warmth of your heart in Kinkaid.

Hurroo Hurroo nobody I know
Will give me the shelter to hide
Hurroo Huroo been running this way
Since I ran from your love in Kinkaid

Hurroo Hurroo ain't no place to go
I know I should be by your side
Hurroo Hurroo but be sure I can't stay
Since your dad banned me from Kinkaid

Hurroo Hurroo my soul I have sold
To buy me some more time
Hurroo Hurroo I know my debt I can't pay
Since I left my one real prize in Kinkaid

Hurroo Hurroo my story I told
My own true fate I can't fight
Hurroo Hurroo shame's been my trade
Since I ran from you and our child in Kinkaid

Hurroo Hurroo I pray God will let go
And allow me back into your life
Hurroo Hurroo and your dad to persuade
May I pay for my sins
And be with my wife in Kinkaid.

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