Jeering hearts that form and lay
Stomping dungeons that hear but stay
By your side to bore and use you
Isn’t that cold?
Isn’t that well
No singers will harm, no wonder will yell
It’s your name they’re calling.
Absorb your doubts, it’s all so fine
No generosity can ring you out, they’re not of that kind
But listen, don’t they know?
It is time to let it happen, it’s high time you’d let it show
For nothing is sacred until you come and tell me.
No side, no reasons, why do you need them?
Ain’t you the one who spoke your jokes to confuse them?
Don’t come here and criticize
You got your dungeons
They’re by your side
Why d’you need me to call you a “genius”?
I ain’t here.
And so we’re not.
Hearts to jeering stays
Dungeons that all but lay
Bore and use and be done with you.

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