Le cahier de Montréal - Untitled song of goodbyes

It is a pitty you
Don’t have fond memories
Of Montréal
You should give it a second chance
For a start, there’s all
These Portuguese tartes
That you like.

I’ve been thinking
Of you a lot these days
All these colours you’d like to see
The thousand sweets
You’d certainly taste
And the fun we would poke
At this curious affair of a city
this is

Myself I don’t go much
to the patisseries
I prefer straight dark chocolate
You know
I was never as sweet as you.

I’ll leave you all these little heavens

So come,
Forget all these lists I
Secretly made for you
And come
Wait until I’ve left
And we must not meet
Then come
Bring your new lover
He can hold you when you’re cold
He can help you when you feel shy
You could be

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